On Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:18:57 -0700, Ed Jaffe wrote:
>SPE = Small Programming Enhancement.
>In the old days SPEs were considered evil because "small" really means
>"large" (when compared with a typical PTF). Therefore, the chances of
>the SYSMOD going PE were orders of magnitude greater than a typical PTF.
They may be called "small" in order to allow bypassing some process
requirements, whether the supplier's or the customer's.

>PE implies HOLD(ERROR), which prevents later service from being applied.
That applies only to later service that depends on the PE/SPE.

A conscientious vendor will try when practical to craft later corrective service
so as not to depend on recent SPEs.

And the PTF that resolves a PE may depend on the PE PTF, particularly when
the PE PTF is large and a small corrective PTF is sufficient.

-- gil

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