That sounds good, but "continuous delivery", beyond fashion-speak, means 
specifically what? DFSORT used to provide new functionality through PTFs. Does 
it mean that, and at a faster pace and in smaller units, or something, 
specifically, different?

And whatever it is, is it across all products (as in "OS" and "applications" 
IBM provides), within certain products/areas, something else? Is it an 
"emerging concept, we've just started running with it, and we'll see where it 
takes us, so can't exactly answer" or something more "planned"?

I'm not trying to be negative, but until your use of "continuous delivery" is 
known, it can mean anything, so means nothing. Currently it is one of those 
phrases I just "cross out" when encountering it, without it detracting from 
information content. "Service delivery" is another.

What is SPE? I'm sorry if I appear naive on that, but search-engineing comes up 
with "IBM Standards Processing Engine" which probably isn't what your SPE means.

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