You generally have the option to delay installing an SPE for some time if you 
don't want the new function. As Ed said, because an SPE is actually 'big', 
there's more chance for PEs to crop up than for individual narrower-scope PTFs. 
But eventually you pretty much have to install an SPE because some other 
maintenance will PRE or COREQ it. Unless you install the SPE, you will 
accumulate an ever growing chain of PTFs, some maybe HIPER even though not 
directly related to the new SPE function. By that time, however, most of the 
egregious bugs in the SPE should have fixes available as well. 

While there is no 'free' lunch, there are seemingly free lunches that you have 
to pay for later. 

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Thanks Ed, that helps. So a typical "old style" PTF for DFSORT, which added 
several new functions to the product would have been an SPE, either by name or 
by fact. 

And, even with the OS on a two-year release cycle, new functions (for anything) 
can be provided (delivered) at any point (continuously) without having to wait 
for X months for the new release. That's good.

It'll keep many contributors here busy, even if IBM doesn't manage the "update 
every 11.6 seconds" of Amazon :-) 

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