when I said "nowhere known to IEWBLODI for the deferred classes to be
loaded from", I was thinking that IEWBLODI takes input from
<wherever>, and builds an executable in storage.


I think of it that the binder has everything, just as it would when saving 
the executable to a data set.
The deferred segment "template" is part of the program object. 
When a program object is fetched, the initial-load segments are loaded, 
and the deferred segment template is loaded.
Later, the deferred segment can be instantiated.

The output of the COBOL compiler includes information both about the 
initial-load segments and the deferred segment template.
So I think that IEWBLODI should have access to it. It's just that there's 
nothing useful to be done with that template, just as there is nothing 
useful to be done with it if you have done a LOAD with ADDR.

Peter Relson
z/OS Core Technology Design

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