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>I'd have actually said that there is nowhere known to IEWBLODI for the 
>deferred classes to be
>loaded *to* (rather than *from*). It is LE that needs the instantiation of 
>the C_WSA deferred class.
>And LE might need more than one of them, depending on the application.
>IBM would almost certainly decline to support deferred classes in these 
>services and would decline to provide an option like the one mentioned.
>But I share the question asked in one of the posts about a steplib. 
>Wouldn't it make more sense to have the test versions of these modules in 
>a different steplib, with the same module names and not do anything 
>strange at run-time? Is it not feasible to have the JCL accommodate this?
>Peter Relson
>z/OS Core Technology Design
I've been assigned to investigate why a client's home-written debugging 
monitor that was last modified in the nineties, lacking adequate 
documentation, and using absolute decimal self-defining terms rather
than symbols, started failing when the shop moved to Ent. COBOL V5 for 
z/OS, from Ent. COBOL V4.2.
It turned that the monitor calls IEWBLODI for an in-code re-bind of temp-
-named production subroutines and presents them to Contents supervisor
in their real names, so that main programs will not need to be changed.
I thought maybe there is some compile option that will suppress creation
of deferred data classes.
I will have to work around this call for IEWBLODI.
Thank you.
Where can I read about WSOPT/NOWSOPT?

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