That's very true and it works in the other direction too.  We worked on a
product that started out in Japan and the manual for it had  been
translated into English by someone in Japan.  It was completely unusable .
We had to start over from scratch and rewrite the manual in English.

On Aug 12, 2017 4:39 PM, "Charles Mills" <> wrote:

> I once had a customer say "PLEASE DON'T translate your manuals. We are
> used to technical materials in English and know what they mean. If you
> translate it into [French? German? I don't recall] we will have no idea
> what you are trying to say."
> Charles
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> Actually, even with the foreign sites, I believe that most of them elect
> to not run the translated messages options.  I don't normally go to the
> sites (actually I never go there), but it seems to me in the meetings that
> (at least the people I deal with) seem to speak English as well (or better)
> than I do.  In fact, they seem to take it as high praise if I should
> mention it.  The few discussions I have had about the subject are that it's
> no harder to learn English for manual reading than any other language.  I
> have been told that  having the manuals in digital format makes it VERY
> easy to cut and paste the text into their translation program of choice.
> It's only the English idioms and jokes that give them problems, and IBM
> books are any BUT funny.
> The decline in alternate language options though (at least for messages)
> seems to be more because of lack of desire on the part of the sites rather
> than the vendors not creating the option(s).
> Our automation products used to have the option of (I think) 12 languages
> for the messages and manuals, but I can't even remember the last time
> someone asked for a local language message module.  With our last two
> versions we elected to remove most of the messages (almost) completely.   I
> think we still might have some translated manuals, but that's about it.
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