Actually, even with the foreign sites, I believe that most of them elect to not 
run the translated messages options.  I don't normally go to the sites 
(actually I never go there), but it seems to me in the meetings that (at least 
the people I deal with) seem to speak English as well (or better) than I do.  
In fact, they seem to take it as high praise if I should mention it.  The few 
discussions I have had about the subject are that it's no harder to learn 
English for manual reading than any other language.  I have been told that  
having the manuals in digital format makes it VERY easy to cut and paste the 
text into their translation program of choice.  It's only the English idioms 
and jokes that give them problems, and IBM books are any BUT funny.

The decline in alternate language options though (at least for messages) seems 
to be more because of lack of desire on the part of the sites rather than the 
vendors not creating the option(s).

Our automation products used to have the option of (I think) 12 languages for 
the messages and manuals, but I can't even remember the last time someone asked 
for a local language message module.  With our last two versions we elected to 
remove most of the messages (almost) completely.   I think we still might have 
some translated manuals, but that's about it. 


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