True. We had some manuals translated in German (PL/1, IIRC),
where the translation was so bad that it was almost unusable.
It turned out that the translation had been done by people
who had no understanding of the topic (PL/1, programming language).
This was in the 1980s, BTW. We used english manuals from then on,
exclusively. OTOH, there were some really good translations of the
Principles of Operation; I recall having a German version from the
43xx period. It always depends if the translator knows what he/she
is talking about.

Kind regards


Am 13.08.2017 um 00:38 schrieb Charles Mills:
I once had a customer say "PLEASE DON'T translate your manuals. We are used to 
technical materials in English and know what they mean. If you translate it into [French? 
German? I don't recall] we will have no idea what you are trying to say."


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