We recently converted from CA-1 to RMM.

I am having an issue with some tape volumes containing GDGs not scratching after x days.

I have determined it is due to EXPDT=99000, and I am now waiting for the person who performed the conversion to let me know if the EDGUX100 exit is installed and activated.

I am now looking at the process to create the correct VDS records for these GDGs.

Currently, using a LISTCAT GDG ALL, I can see that the number of versions to be retained is 7. And only 7 DGDs show up in the LISTCAT. RMM has more versions in it's catalog.

In creating the VDS in RMM, it appears that I will need to also tell it the number of GDGs to retain.

Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but it looks like I will need to maintain the number of generations to retain in both locations?

Tony Thigpen

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