On 2/13/2018 8:19 AM, Tony Thigpen wrote:
We recently converted from CA-1 to RMM.

I am having an issue with some tape volumes containing GDGs not scratching after x days.

I have determined it is due to EXPDT=99000, and I am now waiting for the person who performed the conversion to let me know if the EDGUX100 exit is installed and activated.

I am now looking at the process to create the correct VDS records for these GDGs.

Currently, using a LISTCAT GDG ALL, I can see that the number of versions to be retained is 7. And only 7 DGDs show up in the LISTCAT. RMM has more versions in it's catalog.

In creating the VDS in RMM, it appears that I will need to also tell it the number of GDGs to retain.

Maybe I am looking at this wrong, but it looks like I will need to maintain the number of generations to retain in both locations?


If you mean VRS, set it to WHILECATALOG for that GDG, and the other versions that RMM has will go to scratch. 99000 with EDGUX100 should do the same. Does TSO RMM LC ALL show EDGUX100 active? If IBM did your CA-1 to RMM conversion, this should have been done.

Tom Conley

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