On 2/13/2018 9:24 AM, Tony Thigpen wrote:
Thanks Tom.

Yes, I did mean VRS.

No, IBM did not do the conversion.

The output shows:
Exit status:
   EDGUX100 = NONE

Are you suggesting that I not use EDGUX100, but instead use:

Will this affect all existing volumes? Is there a way to see the effect without accidentally messing everything up?

Tony Thigpen


I'm not sure how RMM will interpret 99000 without EDGUX100. I've always implemented at least the default EDGUX100 and UXTABLE. Is there a retention date listed in the volume record?

About that '**' VRS, that will essentially make WHILECATALOG the default retention for everything, but then you will also have the overhead of VRSEL processing for everything. There are better ways to set that up. I would recommend that with your current setup, you create a VRS for the GDG's that you want to be WHILECATALOG controlled. You can run VRSEL with the VERIFY option to see the effects without actually doing anything. Please contact me offline if you'd like to discuss other options.

Tom Conley

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