Edward Gould wrote:

Before I go into a viper pit for telling the boss and his boss and his boss and 
be asked many questions that I am nowhere near qualified to answer. Is there an 
IBM book/manual or SHARE presentation that I can show to the management what 
will be needed, hardware (software) wise to be able to accomplish being able to 
read the DVD and download it to a disk drive on the mainframe?

 From what I have heard here the only thing that is needed is a PC with a large 
HD and some connection to the HMC (If I understand this correctly). There is NO 
connection outside the company AT ALL.

I can’t believe there is no written down instructions on how this is done, I am 
sure the NETWORK people will be all over this, and I am not prepared to take 
the heat right now. I have to thoroughly understand and explain to management 
and technical types. Frankly, I am shaky on all of this.

Ed, the *only* thing we use the HMC's DVD drive for is the starter system (the Customized Offerings Driver, or COD). If you stay within the driving system requirement window, you will never need a COD and access to the HMC will not be needed.

All the requirements for transferring products and PTFs from a laptop and to z/OS are documented in z/OS Planning for Installation. Start with the topic, "Choosing the delivery medium: tape, DVD, or Internet," in Chapter 2, on PDF p. 56, here:


For DVD, a network connection to the outside world is not required. Only a network connection between the workstation and z/OS is needed.

John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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