Let me repeat that setting up an FTP server on a workstation is *not* required for installing IBM software. I will also repeat that access to the HMC is required *only* for the starter system, the Customized Offerings Driver (aka the COD). If you stay within the n-2 coexistence window, you will never need the COD, and thus you will never need access to the HMC for that particular reason.

While it's true that an FTP or other server has to be set up "somewhere," chances approach 100% that an FTP server is already set up and ready for you to use on z/OS. Setting it up in one place is easier than setting it up on every workstation used by every person who needs to order and install software and PTFs, or dedicating one or more special workstations to this purpose. This is especially true if your team does not all work in the same place. You can just use the FTP client already built into your workstation's OS to upload the data to z/OS.

Let's all try to do this the easy way, folks.

A number of other alternatives would probably work, but the two we document are the one above and setting up an FTP server on your workstation. We neither document nor test other alternatives.

Most likely because I did not take two steps backward quickly enough, I own the z/OS platform installation strategy for IBM. The decision to approve tape withdrawal was not mine alone, but one over which I had a great deal of influence. If my inbox is any indication, people know how to contact me at need. If Ed needs someone at IBM to talk to his data center management about IBM software delivery alternatives without tape, he can send me a note and we can set that up.

John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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