Setting up an FTP server or NFS server is not required to get software from DVD to z/OS. A plain vanilla FTP client such as the one that comes with Windows, along with the FTP server built into z/OS Communications Server are all you need. You can, of course, choose to set up an FTP or NFS server on your workstation or use one if you've done it already, but it's really not needed, and in my opinion, it's not worth the effort just for this purpose.

For example, see the topic, "Receiving a new order" on PDF p. 43 in ServerPac: Installing Your Order, for a list of the ways to transfer the data from your workstation to z/OS here:$file/gima200_v2r3.pdf

If you get a ServerPac, you will find that the README.pdf file on the first DVD includes information about copying the order from the workstation to your host system. If you get a service or CBPDO order you should, likewise, find similar instructions.

Timothy Sipples wrote:

Here's the basic process:

1. Order and receive physical DVD media containing the software products,
via postal mail or courier.

2. Insert the DVD into the drive of any machine that your designated z/OS
LPAR can reach. (Not necessarily *every* z/OS LPAR.) That machine might be
the HMC (as far as I can tell), a PC, a Mac, etc. -- *any* machine the z/OS
LPAR can reach, in network terms, that has a DVD drive. It could even be a
"smart" DVD drive that has a NAS (Network Attached Storage) capability
built-in, such as this 2U size rack mountable gadget (no endorsement

It could be a machine on a closed network or a machine on the moon. In
principle, it doesn't matter. *Anything* that can read a DVD and transmit
its contents across a network. It could also be a machine with a BD
(Blu-Ray) or BDXL data drive since those are backward compatible with DVD
data formats.

3. The machine should be running either a FTP server (e.g. ftpd) or a NFS
server. If not, configure the machine's FTP server or NFS server and start
it up. Make the DVD available to the FTP server or NFS server, directly.
There's no requirement for an initial copy operation from the DVD to that
machine's own hard drive or flash drive.

4. Using z/OS's FTP client or NFS client, load or copy the files from the
DVD. That could be directly (SMP/E RECEIVE FROMNETWORK) or via an initial
copy operation, onto z/OS attached storage.


John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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