If I have understood Tim's response correctly, he is suggesting 2 options:

1) Use the DVD drive on your HMC. In your previous comments you have indicated 
that this is almost impossible!!
2) Use any PC (your own desktop?) with a DVD drive which has access to z /OS 

Provided you have the right access/authorisation, there is another option to 
access the HMC for the management of the Z system. This is via a browser from 
any desktop. Somehow I don't think your site will even think about this :-)

As far as I can see, option 2 above might be the one you.

Just a general point. If you are interested, the HMC/Support Element (SE) 
network configuration, access and security details can be found in the 
following IBM manuals: 

1) IBM Z Hardware Management Console Security: SC28-6987-00
2) IBM Z Integrating the Hardware Management Console’s Broadband Remote Support 
Facility into your Enterprise: SC28-6986-00
3) Hardware Management Console (HMC) Version 2.14.0

All the above can be obtained from IBM ResourseLink. Customers normally have 
access to this website. The manuals also have diagrams showing the different 
options for network connectivity including via a Corporate network.

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