If you want to download your software, then the PC you use needs to have enough disk space to contain what you order, and that PC (*not* the HMC) also needs access to the IBM servers via the internet while the order is being downloaded. The largest orders (those that include z/OS, typically) typically run 12-14 GB.

If you want to get software on DVDs, you need a PC with an optical drive that you can connect to your *internal* network so you can upload the software to z/OS.

Let me repeat some things:

1. You do NOT need an internet connection to the HMC to get software products or PTFs.

2. You do NOT need an internet connection to your PC to get software or PTFs.

3. You do NOT need to use the HMC *at all* to install software on an already-running z/OS system that meets the current documented driving system requirements for the software you are installing. To install z/OS V2.3, for instance, that means you are running any release of z/OS Version 2.

Here are the links I posted previously again:

See the topic, "Receiving a new order" on PDF p. 43 in ServerPac: Installing Your Order, for a list of the ways to transfer the data from your workstation to z/OS here: https://www-304.ibm.com/servers/resourcelink/svc00100.nsf/pages/zOSV2R3sa232278/$file/gima200_v2r3.pdf

All the requirements for transferring products and PTFs from a laptop and to z/OS are documented in z/OS Planning for Installation. Start with the topic, "Choosing the delivery medium: tape, DVD, or Internet," in Chapter 2, on PDF p. 56, here:


If online access is a problem I can e-mail you PDFs of the books.

(For some reason, Ed's post was not shadowed via NNTP, so I'm replying to Paul's instead.)

Paul Gilmartin wrote:
On Thu, 12 Apr 2018 00:28:30 -0500, Edward Gould wrote:


I talked with my boss yesterday and he told me to get up a short presentation 
on DVD’s and maintenance from IBM over the internet.

Since I still do not know some of the issues (PC SIZE etc) he shot me down in 
about 3 minutes.

I could not answer most of his questions so he told me to get more knowledge 
and come back for another try. He also told me that a connection between the 
HMC and the internet was a gigantic security item that I will have to fight a 
lot as management does not want it ...

Do *not* let him read this article:

How can you be sure the tape control unit microcode contains no infectious 

John Eells
IBM Poughkeepsie

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