On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 9:53 PM, Ashish Sharma <pocha.sha...@gmail.com>

> ab is a relevant tool to stress test webserver.
> What I am looking for is similar tool to stress test a router which
> includes following steps :-
> 1. A network client connection simulation which will trigger DHCP address
> allocation by the router.
> 2. Once DHCP is done, the client can now upload/download list of files
> (one by one) & log time taken to download. The idea is to be able to see
> how the router is behaving (effectively how much time taken on downloading
> certain files under how much load).
> The issue is - tools like 'ab' - only serve the http part. All the 'ab'
> instance will be like 1 single network client to the router & hence will
> not truly simulate the real situation.
> https://github.com/saravana815/dhtest is a way to force router to
> allocate IP to each of the running client through DHCP. So far so good. But
> the tool does not have tcp/ip or http stack integrated & I thought
> extending it would be logical step.
> What do you think ?

You should still be able to hack together a script with tools like dhclient
from busybox, create multiple virtual interfaces and get IPs for all of
them with DHCP using dhclient, once you get an IP use ab (it looks like you
can tell ab to bind to particular network address, which should make it
connect from that address using the -B local-address parameter) to download
your file (easily thousands of connections), time both of these operations.
This _should_ simulate multiple clients I think.

Tavish Naruka

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