On donderdag 4 juli 2019 17:54:23 CEST Nate Graham wrote:

> If so, then it seems like the ideal state of affairs would be to replace 
> Bugzilla with GitLab issues as a new bug-reporting front-end for users, 
> and then there would be a separate back-end like what Phabricator Tasks 
> currently offers us that's visible only or mostly to developers, where 
> the issues can be categorized, organized, and discussed, and 
> higher-level projects can be coordinated with something. If we can get 
> something like this, that seems like the ideal outcome to me.

No, exactly the other way around. Bugzilla should stay for users reporting bugs 
-- it's the user generated reports that need all the managing, not the 
developer tasks. Do we really want to spend time maintaining scores of labels 
so we can tag, ourselves, manually, the platform for a user report and all the 
other things? Gitlab is just not suitable for a user-facing issue reporting 
system. Bugzilla is better at that, much, much better.

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