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On 7/4/19 10:39 AM, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
Is it really true that gitlab makes reporting bugs easier for our users? I.e., does it offer easier login, an easier way to add screen shots and screen recordings or crash logs?

In my experience, yes. Being able to use a single account for
everything is a big benefit. And being able to add multiple images and
files inline via drag-and-drop is a huge improvement over Bugzilla
IMO. Then again if Bugzilla 6 offers this, that will remove one
advantage of GitLab issues.

I actually think the state on https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/ is quiet usable, they tuned it the last X years.
But yes, a lot of this is missing in the current Bugzilla 5 :(

Is it really true that gitlab makes it easier for our users to make reports of a better quality? Like, better wizards, forms, support for smarter templates, more ways to cross-check a bug report with other bug reports, or cross-check the internal consistency? Is it easier for a user reporting a bug on gitlab to tell us which OS, version of OS, version of the application they are using?

Does gitlab offer convenience features for our users like replying by email? (I know that some people think email is on the way out, but in real life, everyone has email -- and if it were going out -- is there integration with instant messaging?) Does gitlab make it easier to be notified of events related to the issue?

I'm not sure about these.

We all know that gitlab has a rich text editor. This is modern, but how important is that, actually? And how important is it to have a rich text editor in our issue reporting system right now? Are we experience a decline in the number of user reports because more and more people don't want to use bugzilla?

Anecdotally, yes. I very commonly hear users on social media write and
say things like "I don't file KDE bugs anymore because Bugzilla is
ancient and incomprehensible". Though to be fair, they also commonly
say that it's because we don't do a good enough job triaging bugs, or
that KDE developers are too mean and abrasive when dealing with users,
so take it with a grain of salt.

Actually, do we really want that every user bug reporter opens an account on invent.kde.org?

I actually think the split of accounts between phabricator/gitlab vs. bugzilla is no bad but a good feature.


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