On 7/4/19 11:06 AM, Christoph Cullmann wrote:
Actually, do we really want that every user bug reporter opens an account on invent.kde.org?

I actually think the split of accounts between phabricator/gitlab vs. bugzilla is no bad but a good feature.

It would definitely solve that problem, but there are a few practical problems with this:

- People would continue to need two accounts (BKO and identity/invent), and the systems wouldn't be integrated as well as thy could be, which negates some of the purported advantages of moving to GitLab in the first place

- GitLab Issues are lacking some of the features of Phabricator Tasks such as parent & sub-task tracking

- Using GitLab Issues exclusively to replace Phab Tasks will confuse users who are accustomed to using Issues for bug reporting in other projects (though I suppose this could be remedied by renaming "Issues" to "Tasks" in the UI, and implementing a template that explicitly says "Don't use this to report bugs")


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