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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D10245#199564, @ngraham wrote:
  > The scrollbar issue is real, though I don't think scrollbars are as awful 
as you do. :-) Something to think about.
  Not awful per se, but a huge problem if they hide important stuff below the 
  > This raises a greater question of whether or not it makes sense to have 
`KFilePlaces` in Gwenview. Gwenview is an image viewer, and necessarily, the 
majority of `KFilePlaces` items are not going to be relevant to pictures.
  It's very useful if users can add directories and then have them show up in 
every app. I'm thinking of things like `Projects/2018/BigEvent/Files`. Note 
those aren't filetype or app specific.
  > I feel like the label duplication with the Search For section is a minor 
issue, and mostly a red herring. The header is right there, so at least in 
English, the implied imperative sentence is quite obvious: "Search for 
Documents", "Search for Music," etc.
  We'd need an eyetracking study to resolve that. I suspect your solution would 
get worse results, because the headers are only looked at second when randomly 
searching for something (at least in my experience when I evaluated eyetracking 
videos). Not having duplication would be better.
  > if anything, the functionality gained by this patch is more important
  That's true. I doubt the search is used that often. While for Recently Saved 
the list of results might be manageable, for Search For the list of results can 
be too large to be useful.
  Suggestion which would resolve most of my issues:
  - Remove "Pictures" and "Music" again.
  - Remove Search for (could be added back once we have collapsible headers).
  - Move up Devices, right below Remote.

  R241 KIO


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