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  > Suggestion which would resolve most of my issues:
  > - Remove "Pictures" and "Music" again.
  Music, maybe. Pictures no, for the reasons that @spoorun gave. Also, the 
Pictures item is useful for Gwenview, no? :) Again, we're talking about good 
defaults for average users, not for people like us (who can and do customize to 
our heart's content).
  > - Remove Search for (could be added back once we have collapsible headers).
  We already do have collapsible headers! Well... hide-able headers. I think 
that we shouldn't hide anything by default until the the UI for showing hidden 
sections is improved, otherwise our users won't be able to find them and will 
erroneously complain that we're removing features. My vote is for the macOS 
Finder approach, where the header is clickable and shows/hides its content, but 
the header itself sticks around. It's quite slick:
  F5688836: places.gif <>
  Everybody seemed to like this the last time I brought it up: Let me file a 
task to track implementing that:
  I think this section could definitely be hidden by default once we improve 
the show/hide UI. My sense is that it's infrequently used, and you can easily 
get it via the Find toolbar item. Might not be worth the pixels it's occupying 
by default.
  > - Move up Devices, right below Remote.
  +1, sounds good.
  I suspect that hiding the Search For category by default and moving up the 
Devices category would resolve the complaints.

  R241 KIO


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