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  In https://phabricator.kde.org/D10245#199688, @ngraham wrote:
  > I don't think almost any users use or know about that because the two most 
obvious methods of adding something to the Places panel--drag-and-drop and the 
file's "Add to places" context menu item--make it global by default.
  Users adding custom entries has nothing to do with your patch. If a users 
adds a place and it appears everywhere, well that's his problem. Your patch 
adds it everywhere //for every user//, which is what I disagree with.
  > Also if we add Music and Pictures et al to just Dolphin by default, then 
they're not going to show up in the file open/save dialogs where they're 
useful, right?
  See comment above. I doubt Kate's users want to see Pictures. I agree that 
some apps would want to opt-in, not sure how to do that. I think the best thing 
would be to make this mimetype dependent: If the file dialog detects you want 
to open/save Music files, it should add "Music" to the standard model. That 
would be an addition to the file dialog though, not where you are currently 
changing it. Do we have a resident file dialog expert around we could ask about 

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