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2. Will the version of Kexi which is included have the following features:

-Ability to add rows to the middle of a table which is already in

I see how it may be usable. It's not supported now.
Database table is not a spreadsheet's sheet, so the order is defined
by current sorting, for given column, based on contents. Even if we
have this feature, placement of a new row would be kept until another
sorting or re-opening the table view. This my be the reason why I know
no software that supports the feature.

MS Access has this feature, and has had it for many, many years.
Can you please send a screenshot, long to documentation or a video?
All I see is that order is unspecified. I can reorder rows only for
spreadsheet mode ...

Please excuse me, I was confused on this point as it has been a while since I worked in MSA. My brother reminded me that new rows always add at the bottom, and then sort according to whichever column one has selected.
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