Craig said, 

"The question is will a small tab on one aileron be enough to control?"

Since we can steer our planes by leaning our heads from side to side, I
would guess your idea would work fine.  Instead of cutting into your
aileron to install a tab, could you connect the gyro you mention to a
servo that will attach to an aileron cable?  

I think adapting RC technology to our planes is theoretically a great and
inexpensive solution.

TruTrak was going this direction with a three-axis autopilot using tabs
and RC hardware in combination with a TruTrak control head.  They were
going to charge $1000 for it as I recall, but they had more important
projects in the fire and let this one go.  They did advertise it for a
time, but found that adapting it to all the different types of planes was
going to be a headache so they let that one go.  Seemed like an excellent
idea though.  Your idea sounds fine.  As big as some of the RC models are
these days, surely they have servos that are sufficiently powerful (and
inexpensive) to accomplish what you're thinking about.  

Seems like an excellent idea to research.  

Mike Stirewalt
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