I've no idea what EM radiation or PPM signals or "turning over control to
. . ." has to do with it.  It's a simple device designed to keep the nose
from wandering and has nothing to do with trim tabs on elevators or, for
that matter, on the wing.  A simple direct wired 12 volt gyro & servo
with a switch that can instantly turn it off or on and is connected to an
aileron cable (in my mind's eye anyway) with an easy break-away
connection.  It takes only a slight pressure to bring a wing back level
so the servo involved would be a tiny little thing, easily over-ridden.  

Having never done this it's obvious I have nothing to go on except my
limited imagination but for something simple to keep the wings level in
cruise . . . seems like this would work.  The "gyro" could be something
as simple as a bubble level with a contact (laser?) on each side of the
bubble that would activate the servo.  Just something for smooth air . .
. which is at least 90% of our time in cruise.  

Activating the stick instead of an aileron cable seems more awkward.  

If someone thought this through and designed something that would easily
adapt to all sorts of Experimentals, LSA's and ultralights . . . I
suspect a simple, basic, easily-installed smooth-air wing leveler would
find a large market for those who don't already have or want an
autopilot.  Might be a good business opportunity for someone with skill
and initiative.

Mike Stirewalt

He Transformed His Gut With One Thing

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