On 6/17/2020 9:32 AM, Teate, Stephen via KRnet wrote:
Somehow I chose to us ¼" plywood that I laid two layers of KR cloth on the 
front, followed by a silk weave, and a single layer on the back.


I too started with a 1/4" plywood panel but when finished I didn't like the thickness.  It seemed like the instruments were "recessed".  I started over and laid out 12 layers (as I recall, that was 20 years ago) of KR cloth, cut to shape, laid a piece of 1/4 round wood trim across the bottom for stiffness, then added two 1/4" very thin aluminum tubes from the hardware store as braces from the bottom of the panel to the firewall shelf.  The entire assembly is shock mounted on 5 rubber corks.  Other means of stiffening could be used like small ridges of foam strips on the back side in areas between instrument / switch locations if desired.


The nice thing about the panel being translucent before painting was I could back-light the panel with the instrument in place and see the mounting hole locations so I didn't need a temple to drill the holes.  The thickness and stiffness of my panel seems to be just right with the installed braces.

As always, YRMV...........

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

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