On 6/18/2020 5:38 PM, Flesner via KRnet wrote:
Several of the ones shown have two cutters, mine only had one cutter.


When I looked again I only found one cutter with two blades https://www.harborfreight.com/carbide-tip-adjustable-circle-cutter-68117.html

Seem like that might make for a better "balance" then a single cutter unit.  Don't know.  Never used one.  Price looks good. Could it be any good for selling that cheap?  If anyone tries one let us know.

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

P.S. I just purchased the Uavionics wing tip ADS-B unit.  I have Horner style wing tips.  Technician at Uavionics says 12 degrees off vertical is the greatest angle to mount for proper operation. It will operate at a greater angle but when combined with the wing angle in a turn you may get intermittent operation.  When I asked him about max angle his hesitation led me to believe he pulled 12 degrees from, well, somewhere other than a tech manual. I wanted the tail light unit but waited too long.  they don't sell one for "experimental" any more.  That unit now cost $400 more as a "certified" unit.  I'm guessing the pea is under shell number 2.

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