On 6/18/2020 10:29 AM, Mark Langford via KRnet wrote:
Now that I think about it, a "circle cutter" is also what  I used for my first panel, but I do have a drill press, and the hazards are many....including trashing the whole panel, or breaking the bit and damaging an eye!


Circle cutter is probably the more proper name.  The trick I found was to proceed VERY SLOWLY and make sure your material is 90 degrees to the drill bit.  Several of the ones shown have two cutters, mine only had one cutter.  The double cutter is probably a much better way to go.  Again , approach the material to be cut VERY, VERY CAREFULLY and have a good feel on the drill press.  I cut every hole in my panel with that cutter except the smaller switch holes.

Larry Flesner

Southern Illinois

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