On 6/18/2020 9:17 AM, Mark Langford via KRnet wrote:
 A hole saw is quite useful for this endeavor as well, unless you can borrow an aircraft instrument panel punch from somebody (local EAA chapter, perhaps). I used dumb hole saws and a drill press, although just a drill works fine also.  It goes pretty quick....


Make sure you pick the best method for the material used on the panel, wood, metal, glass.  One method may work better than others on different material.  I used what I think is called a "fly cutter" but man, that thing can do nasty things if you're not careful.  I would only consider using one of those in a drill press with well clamped down material and absolutely not with a hand drill.  It worked for me but that's as far as I'll go.

Larry Flesner

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