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presented by Gap Productions
A bunch of people you have never heard of before in . . . RAMSAY STREET

"There I am! See! Behind Toadie . . . holding the Fanta."

On the journey toward elite drama schools, Colgate commercials and of
course, a much sought after residency in Ramsay Street, this group of
rejects give you an exclusive behind the scenes (past the star trailers,
down the back path, still waiting out in the parking lot) expose on the
highs and lows (and pitfalls and potholes) along the unsealed road to

Behind every great actor . . . there is a great extra!

RAMSEY STREET REJECTS RECYCLED - After a hugely successful run at the
2001 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, GAP Productions is
pleased to announce the return season of Ramsay St. Rejects. This is
your chance to see the show that had Comedy Festival audiences in
hysterics. And this time it even has its own cocktail! The Actor's 
Equity - available from the Trades Hall Bar at a price even the 
long-term unemployed actor can afford!

The Old Council Chambers
8pm Weds - Sat, August 30 - September 14
Tickets $18 Full/ $15 Conc - Bookings Ph: 9531 2942

Ocean Press Book Launch
Chile ? The Other September 11 is an anthology of reflections and
commentaries on the 1973 coup in Chile. This is a night commemorating
all victims of terror! The programme features:- ï Chilean music and
dance ï Poetry ï Book Launch ï Speaches by Pilar Aguilera & Ricardo
Fredes: Chilean activists and editors of Chile - The Other September 11.

Come along if you can't handle all the hype about September 11 . . .
Help us reclaim this date for Chileans and all victims of US-sponsored
terror. Join us in taking a stand against imperialism!

In 1973 the US government/ CIA backed a bloody coup in Chile, bringing a
brutal dictatorship into power. This dictatorship was in power for 17
years and was responsible for the deaths and dissappearances of
thousands of Chileans. This book reclaims the historical significance of
the "other" September 11 for all those who oppose U.S. interventionism
and seek a more just world. Included are articles, essays, speeches and
poems by Ariel Dorfman, Salvador Allende, Joan Jara, Beatriz Allende,
Pablo Neruda, Victor Jara and Fidel Castro.

Trades Hall Bar
7:30pm, Wednesday September 11th
for more information phone Ocean Press on 9326 4280 or email
Check out the great titles published by Ocean Press at

Get TRASHed with Voiceworks! Put on your trashiest gladrags for the 50th
issue launch celebrations, with special guests, spoken word, random
mind-dumps and a burlesque gypsy romp with six-piece ensemble

Voiceworks is a national, quarterly magazine that features exciting new
writing by Australian young writers. It is a unique opportunity for
young writers and artists (under 25) to publish their poetry, short
stories, articles and comics, illustrations, drawings and photos. It is
produced entirely by young people and relies totally on contributions
from the readers to make up the content.

Trades Hall Bar
from 7pm, Friday September 13th
Tickets: $5 or $7 with a copy of the 50th edition - Bookings Ph: 9326

Check out the great work done by VoiceWorks Magazine

FEVER - presented by Melbourne Workers Theatre
Where does the FEVER of the nation burn hottest?

FEVER reunites the team that created the multi award-winning Whoís
Afraid of the Working Class? ? writers Andrew Bovell, Patricia
Cornelius, Melissa Reeves and Christos Tsiolkas, composer Irine Vela and
director Julian Meyrick. Produced by Melbourne Workers Theatre in 1998,
Whoís Afraid of the Working Class? toured nationally the following year
and won numerous awards, including the Gold Awgie, the Jill Blewitt
Award, a Victorian Green Room Award and the Queensland Premierís
Literary Award.

FEVER is about the way humanity consumes that which nutures it. Set
against a landscape marked by a sense of turmoil and deprivation, the
connecting image in FEVER's 4 plays is the river as a line of
demarcation that separates people; as a body of water that must be
crossed to reach the promise of the other side; as a means of escape
from turmoil and delivery to what is unknown. It is a stinking rotten
sewer poisoning all who take from it and the source of renewal and

Written by Andrew Bovell, Patricia Cornelious, Melissa Reeves , Christos
Tsiolkas. Directed By Julian Meyrick
Performed by David Adamson, Rodney Afif, Tony Briggs, Daniela Farinacci,
Eugenia Fragos, LeRoy Parsons & Pauline Whyman

Melbourne Workers Theatre - Creating provocative and inspiring new works
which celebrate class consciousness, cultural diversity and engage the
social and political complexities that shape our lives.

The New Ballroom
Previews 6:30pm Sept 16 & 17  ONLY $12,
Sept 18 - Oct 5 Mon & Tues at 6.30pm, Wed-Sat at 8pm, 2:30pm Saturdays
matinees Sept 28 & Oct 5
Tickets: $25 Full/$20 Union member/$15 Conc/$12 Previews & Groups of 10+

Bookings Ph: 9326 8371

54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
(aka Tequila Sunrise) ONLY $6
more info visit

Get yourself a sneak peak at the Trades Hall Arts Fringe Festival
programme on our website or in the Fringe Festival programme

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