I've been doing genealogy for over 35 years, having gathered a vast number
of documents - birth/death/marriage certificates and licenses, obituaries,
wills, probate info, newspaper articles etc -  some original, other's

I computerized back in the dark ages of personal computer technology (early
70's) with an IBM PC Jr and a floppy disk, two if you could afford it!
Thus, NO availability of storing anything on the computer. As technology
advanced and scanners became available I scanned everything I had collected
to new computers with ample HD's as well as adding new scanned information.

I was a late comer to LEGACY having used 3-4 other software products that
went out of business over the years forcing me to upgrade to newer
products. My last upgrade a few years back was to Legacy (v7.0) and I love
it having kept updates to the present V9.0.

My problem, question??

I have several thousand scanned documents stored on my HD that I have
linked to individuals in my Legacy database. Is there any way of preparing
an output document that would show the individual AND any/all supporting
documents gathered over decades of collecting? I'm not inclined at this
stage of life to even attempt transcribing this supporting information in
to any templates available in Legacy!

Suggestions are welcome.

Gary Crull
P.S. I *don't *use *FACEBOOK* so make sure any replies are posted to the

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