A quick and dirty workaround, if you just need the info in any form, is to 
create a GEDCOM export. When you view the file in Notepad, you can see all of 
the media links associated with the individual, including file paths.


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Hi there, Here is my effort to do something similar I think. I have a folder 
called Genealogical Office on my Computer in which I  keep every type of record 
relating to family, including BMD, Census and property  records, etc.  All 
these are numbered sequentially as I receive them.
In the Research Tab in Legacy I build references to all these as I research. 

My External  hard copy sources for him can be found in:- 

Extracts: Vol.1 Births: Bir 24
Extracts: Vol.1 Baptisms, Bap 40 for first baptism
Extracts: Vol.1 Baptisms, Bap 41 for second baptism
Extracts: Vol.1 Weddings, Wed 3 for first marriage
Extracts: Vol.1 Marriages, Mar 2 for second marriage
Extracts: Vol.2 Census, C 34
Extracts: Vol.2 Miscellaneus, Mis 4 British National Archives, WW1 Medals 
Family Tradition: T5 to T14 copy of army documents
Family Tradition: T7 127 Commons rd  House documents
Family Tradition: T9 Driving Licence
Family Tradition: T10 to T14 Jeannie Gordon letters to him
Family Tradition: T42 Jeannie Gordon letter to him
Family Tradition: T40,41 His letters to compiler
Family Tradition: T45 Telegram re his death to compiler, Declan Chalmers  20 
Jul 1963
Family Tradition: T62 letter Army Records Office  to brother of compiler, James 
Chalmers 1965
Family Tradition: T64 letter Andrew Buchan to James Chalmers 1967
Extracts: Vol. Maps 2  Mp 1 Aerial photo of national school, Badenscoth he 
attended in Auchterless
Extracts: Vol. Maps 2  Mp 2 parishes of Aberdeenshire
Extracts: Vol. Maps 2  Mp 5 Upperthird, Auchterless, Aberdeenshire where he was 
PhotoVol.1  1-17 Photos of Birth place and early childhood
Family Tradition: T5 original army papers received 2002 from my brother Alec
Research: Vol. ResearchLog 1.1 Chalmers
Research: Vol. British Army, Diary of 1st Batt Gordon Highlanders 1914-1918
External Genealogical Descendant Scroll from Ancestor: James Chalmers RIN 29

I have also a printed version of above in binders so that I can easily  find 
any document re any person quickly.

When I do a report above will be placed almost directly after the vital records 
so it is at the start of info re each person.
Declan Chalmers 

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I include my file number in the description for each of my media files in 
Legacy. When I print a report, i will have to look up which one, I get bullet 
points of events with a thumbnail of the image and the file number as a caption.

I use Evernote and tag each document with the people it connects too. I find it 
a faster way to find all the documents and files related to an individual. It 
also serves as off site backup and I have access to it from any device. I can 
save files for off line viewing.

On Feb 22, 2018, at 5:58 PM, Gary Crull <treeclimber1...@gmail.com> wrote:

  To all who've replied....

  The documents I refer to consist of any format you can think of: WORD, JPG, 

  I store all my documents in the format yyyy-mm-dd (if known) 
Surname,Given,ID#, type document. So for this exercise for Henry say I have a 
birth record, marriage record, death notice, and a will. These would look like 

  1910-01-28 Brown,Henry (990) - birth cert

  1932-07-13 Brown,Henry (990) - marriage cert

  1950-03-25 Brown,Henry (990) - death cert

  1950-03-02 Brown,Henry (990) - obit

  1949-02-02 Brown,Henry (990) - will

  What I've been mulling around is something for Henry Brown (Legacy ID 990) 
that would include his INDIVIDUAL sheet, or FGS, with any documents associated 
with his ID #. 

  Thus, what I'd like is a 'container/report' for Henry Brown (990) his 
INDIVIDUAL SHEET, (or FGS) with all 5 of these documents in it. 

  The only solution I've come up so far would be to manually create a separate 
'portfolio' for each individual in my database that would contain this 

  I did take a look at CLOOZ and it looks like it might might have some 
promise. AND, the scrapbook option needs to be checked out further.

  Then again perhaps, my idea is a pie in the sky and fool hardy and 
unattainable one.....


  On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 7:19 PM, Cathy Pinner <genea...@gmail.com> wrote:

    You can see from the responses that we're not sure what you want to do.

    If you want a list of all media linked in Legacy and who it's linked to, 
then in Legacy go to View - Scrapbook choose your options and then click Print 
Media File List and on that next screen make sure you at least check "include 
description of what media is linked to"

    If you want a list of everything you've scanned, then you need a 
program/utility that will print a directory. It's awhile since I've used one. 
In Windows 10 I find I can copy a list from File Explorer and paste it into 
something after I've copied something else from my clipboard extender program. 
I use Spartan from http://m8software.com/ but I'm sure the free version would 
work as well. But that's only the filename + path. So you'd probably want a 
proper utility. Karen's Directory Printer was one of the best and worth trying 
- but I'm out of date.

    One or both of those should help. With the print from the Scrapbook in 
Legacy, you'll see you can just choose a tagged group. With thousands it would 
probably be more helpful to print for particular family lines.
    Note if you get inspired to change filenames, you permanently break the 
link in Legacy. The only way to change filename and not break the link is to 
use the Legacy Picture Centre to rename. That only works for image formats.


      Mary Leek <mailto:ml...@comcast.net>
      Friday, 23 February 2018 6:57 AM


      How are you wanting to use these scanned documents?

      What format have you used for these scanned documents? Are they scanned 
as a graphic or are they in PDF format or a combination of formats?

      Are you wanting to combine all of the documents pertaining to each 
individual into a single file, with the first page being, for instance, a 
printout something like the Legacy Individual Report or a Family group sheet 
might provide? If so, would this be geared toward a printed hard copy or 
something that could be shared electronically?

      Congratulations on locating, scanning and linking this material to 
individuals in your database. I like to save items like this, too.


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      I've been doing genealogy for over 35 years, having gathered a vast 
number of documents - birth/death/marriage certificates and licenses, 
obituaries, wills, probate info, newspaper articles etc -  some original, 
other's secondary.

      I computerized back in the dark ages of personal computer technology 
(early 70's) with an IBM PC Jr and a floppy disk, two if you could afford it! 
Thus, NO availability of storing anything on the computer. As technology 
advanced and scanners became available I scanned everything I had collected to 
new computers with ample HD's as well as adding new scanned information.

      I was a late comer to LEGACY having used 3-4 other software products that 
went out of business over the years forcing me to upgrade to newer products. My 
last upgrade a few years back was to Legacy (v7.0) and I love it having kept 
updates to the present V9.0.

      My problem, question??

      I have several thousand scanned documents stored on my HD that I have 
linked to individuals in my Legacy database. Is there any way of preparing an 
output document that would show the individual AND any/all supporting documents 
gathered over decades of collecting? I'm not inclined at this stage of life to 
even attempt transcribing this supporting information in to any templates 
available in Legacy!

      Suggestions are welcome.

      Gary Crull

      P.S. I *_don't_*__use _FACEBOOK_ so make sure any replies are posted to 
the forum....


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