You will probably see your file in the Recent File list if you haven't moved or deleted it. The Recent File List is found by clicking the L top left corner of the Legacy screen if the L is larger than the title bar. If it isn't, you'll see a System Ribbon tab and it's on that instead. It depends on the Design Style you are using.  Here's the support article on finding a lost file: <>

It's possible that Options > Customise 1.2 is no longer pointing to the file you want to automatically open. It's also possible that you haven't set Options > Customise 6.1 and 6.2 to where you want your file to be.

Another possibility is that your Documents folder is inside OneDrive because you asked OneDrive to sync it or you agreed to let Windows backup your data. If so, you need to go to the OneDrive settings and make sure it is keeping local copies of your files as well as syncing them to the OneDrive cloud.

sarah hughes <>
Saturday, 15 June 2024 2:31 AM
I have just opened my Legacy 9 from the task bar where I keep it attached, and to my horror my whole family tree has disappeared! All I get is that silly sample one, and I have gone through the list that Legacy gave me, but none of them come up with my tree. Even where I had it saved in my computer files, there are just 2 sample files of that other silly tree. Please help. as I need to upgrade to 10, but how can I when my tree has just disappeared from everywhere? I was only using it the other day! Would resetting my laptop to an earlier time help, please? It is Windows 11, and I had the free Legacy 9 edition.

Cathy Pinner <>
Thursday, 13 June 2024 11:02 AM
Legacy 10 has been released and is free for everyone. It has all the Deluxe features for free. It has the same look and feel as Legacy 8 and 9. It has some new features and reports and tweaks to existing features and reports. The new features are listed on the renewed Legacy website. The full list is in this blog: <> It's advised to be running Windows 10 or Windows 11. Not all features are guaranteed to work on earlier Windows versions. Here's the things to do to make the process as trouble free as possible with some comments on where a few people out of the thousands who have updated have been encountering problems. Note it will overwrite Legacy 9. You can't run both versions as the settings are all locked to the same folder ...\Documents\Legacy Family Tree\_AppData\ folder 1. Run File > File Maintenance > check/repair on your files. You should be doing this regularly to keep your database healthy. 2. Verify that there are no broken media links. Tools>Media Relinker You can fix them in Legacy 10 but you need to know they weren't caused by the upgrade. 3. Backup your family file and media files. Preferably make sure you also have these backups off your computer either in a cloud or on external drive. 4. Download 10 from the website. Some people encounter problems because a) they make a typo when entering their email address, b) the email goes to spam or doesn't arrive. If it doesn't arrive try a different email address c) the link in the email doesn't work and they need to copy and paste the link to their browser. 5. Install 10 and enjoy. Some people encounter problems with the installation because their security software blocks it or part of it. Pausing the security software during installation solves that. If concerned you can go into Aeroplane mode/come offline for the installation. If there is any problem after installation RESTART your computer and it is usually solved. Have fun, Cathy


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