A little more to report on...I don't know how to understand this - 

As I mentioned, I repeated the whole exercise - right from setting up a new VM 
with identical settings. Followed all the steps exactly, once again. And 
everything is working fine for tcl-8.6.8. It is compiling even with -O2.

Now I have 2 VMs with identical settings where one fails to compile tcl-8.6.8 
with -O2 and the other where it is fine. I don't know how to interpret this. I 
am accepting that I might have made a mistake in the first instance, but the 
failure was very subtle, undetectable and I don't know how to understand the 
peculiar behavior (compiling only with -O2 optimization fails, but -O1 

For now, I am going to proceed with my new VM and go rest of way through 
lfs-8.2, and see if it works.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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