> > You're asking the compiler to "pull out all the stops" to algorithmically 
> > optimize code the programmer clearly did not intend for such optimization.  
> > The programmer is [supposed to be] intelligent, the compiler is not.  And, 
> > as I'm sure we've all seen, some programmers abuse the language trying to 
> > do their own "optimizations".  That's why new version of the compiler 
> > sometimes will not work with some coding practices.  For example, "Please 
> > note the warning under -fgcse about invoking -O2 on programs that use 
> > computed gotos."
> > 
> Paul,
> whilst I agree that increasing optimization does sometimes lead to
> problems, I think you are perhaps missing something important: the
> flags used by the package developer.

You're right.  I was trying to address the more general proposition of adding 
optimizations when building.  IMO, it's generally not a good idea.

Paul Rogers
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