--- Comment #3 from Mike Kaganski <> ---
Just to be more specific on the "neglected and misunderstood" part:

When in the bug 117049 (that you added to "Blocks:" list), I have made some
assertions on the feature that turned out to be wrong, I still asked for help
from our experts in the area; and our leading Calc developer has jumped in and
corrected me, and fixed the bug. So - it isn't "misunderstood" by "team" (while
it could be by individual contributors), and also not "neglected" (and knows
problems are fixed as time permits).

If one feels that some problem is not getting enough attention, one needs to
familiarize with how this open-source project works, where individuals work on
what they *like*, and corporate contributors work on what they are *paid for*
by their paying customers. So - one needs to either wait for someone getting
interested in a given problem; or to hire someone to fix it; or to jump in and
contribute. There's no other way here. And every helping hand is truly welcome:
we really try hard to help any newcomer in any questions, e.g. when one needs
to setup development environment, to get code pointers, to have changes
reviewed, etc.

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