Programming is not a simple task, that's why we haven't been replaced by

Scala is a _very_ powerful language, and it _is_ a challenge to harness that
power in addition to other languagues you have harnessed.

However, I do not feel that Scala has much non-explainable complexity, as is
the case of javas many-a boilerplate.

>From what I have seen, much of the barrier of going to Scala is that many
people assume that going Java -> Scala-y Java | Java-y Scala -> Ideomatic
Scala is the route to go.

But the problem there is that sample Scala code is never Java-y Scala, so
beginners get confused from not having learned about first-class functions
and their syntax.
(from my 2 years of Scala, what I've seen the pitfalls being)

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 7:13 AM, jlist9 <> wrote:

> override def validations = validPriority _ :: super.validations
> This is a more of a comment about Scala than one about Lift - this does
> look cryptic to me. And this is just one of the simpler syntax that
> confuses
> people, who are new to the language. And I'm one of them.
> I understand that you don't have to learn all the tricks/syntax to start
> coding in Scala but you do have to understand it when you read
> source code of libraries written by someone with much more advanced
> language skills.
> In David's book he says "After more than two years of coding Scala, ...
> My brain has finally stopped hurting." This sounds like a very high
> barrier to entry.
> I'm just wondering why Scala has to be so complicated. I'm sure a lot
> of things in Scala have their reasons but at the mean time I also
> suspect that many of the odd things are there to reduce
> typing, which is advertised as one of the advantages of this language -
> conciseness. (I could be very wrong due to my lack of understanding.)
> If the latter is true, I feel that I'd rather type a little more to make
> the
> code easier to read.
> Just feeling a little frustrated learning Scala. I think it's much
> easier learning
> Java. Not much surprise. Not sure if anyone shares my experience
> (and opinion, if there is one.)
> On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Randinn <> wrote:
> >
> >
> >
> > The site above is a blog post from a Rails developer, he had some good
> > and bad things to say about Lift and since I do not know enough to
> > debate with him I thought I'd post it here.
> >

Viktor Klang
| "A complex system that works is invariably
| found to have evolved from a simple system
| that worked." - John Gall

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