Yes. Typically one will only see a couple of Java-y Scala samples in
the tutorials to show that you can write Scala the Java way
to encourage Java developers to pick up Scala. However, in any
real world applications and libraries you'll only see Scala-y Scala
and that's where the disconnect is.

I thought I could start reading some Scala code after reading a few
tutorials and chapters in a Scala book but that wasn't the case. :-)

However, I'm starting to see the power of Scala, while my head hurts
trying to fit itself to functional thinking and the rich and confusing syntax
(to a beginner at least.)

On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 1:13 AM, Viktor Klang <> wrote:
> But the problem there is that sample Scala code is never Java-y Scala, so
> beginners get confused from not having learned about first-class functions
> and their syntax.
> (from my 2 years of Scala, what I've seen the pitfalls being)

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