> > Anyway, the truth is that after a sucessful installation not everybody will
> > need the CD-ROMs, so maybe not having them will not be such a huge loss.
> If there's going to be a successful installation, and we will install to
> them everything - they won't need it, or instead it won't bother it if
> they don't have it now.

  NO! You will never manage to install quickly enough if you install
everything.  It's better to copy 'em the ISOs than to install everything.
You'll have such a long queue that no use will come, and people will be
stuck with too many junk, and delete Linux altogether after the OS course.

  I suggest buying CDs. If Actcom can't, than maybe TCC/CS might burn and
sell these CDs to students, for example in the secretary. Or, we could buy
these CDs and sell 'em at the party and later.


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