Gareth Harper wrote:

>there are sites with all the no1's, but I don't know of any with all the
top tens,
>theres probably one around, if not, start one ;)

Who's chart would you use?  I.E., who do you want to be sued by?  I don't
know about the UK, but Billboard (THE chart in the US) is very picky about
such things.

I don't think R&R would let you do it either.  And with R&R, you have to
decide if you want CHR/pop or CHR/rythmic.  And then you hit the problem
that CHR used to be one category.

Neither one of them has a searchable archive of charts on their websites.

10 years ago today, Vanilla Ice had the no. 1 album in the US.  MC Hammer
was no. 2.

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