* Matthew Byng-Maddick ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > * Simon Cozens ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > > On Wed, Mar 28, 2001 at 08:47:03PM +0100, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> > > > I suggest (with Dave Cross' blessing), that we
> > > > form the London.pm certification. NetThink and Iterative will 
> > > > sign up to teach to a given level of skills (or several levels).
> > > Fuck it. Let's do it.
> Firstly, mod_perl passim.
> > Well as a fairly independent person in this matter, i will volunteer
> > to coordinate this. Unless there are any objections - i already
> TIMTOWTDI kind of screws things up. Different people will code in
> different styles. How can you evaluate this?

it doesn't matter how they achieve most things, as long as they can
do them ... reasonably

> > have a reasonable plan og how to achieve this _quickly_. I can
> Please share this....

it's too late tonight, i'll try and remember tommorow, the plan is more 
how to get it organised and do all the dull procedural stuff quickly

the actual content is up for debate, although i think levels of
perl `skillz' would suck, i'd much rather see a ``core'' perl certification,
and slowly secondary skill certifications being developed and registered,
however at launch, probably WWW and DBI spring to mind as two
secondary ones that will be there from the word go - however they will be 
focused quite tightly on their areas

> > of commitment, i think i identified some parties in the previous
> > email.
> If I see a sensible plan for certification, this sounds sensible, but
> consider what most people think of eg. MCSEs.
> Please enlighten us.

well hopefully when people get in tommorow they will either say yes or
no, i'll get a plan of action out soon after that 

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