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> > Also i think the lack of Perl certification, is one of the biggest
> > problems with Perl work in london, coming from the other side of
> > things.
> Hmm. I wonder how we could go about fixing that.

My favourite solution in business when you are faced with the problem
of people not wanting you to implement something or not being sure
about it and wanting a period of consideration is as follows ...

fuck it, just do it

(who says i couldn't work for nike)

I'd suggest that it is a reasonable working assumption that both
NetThink, Iterative and other Perl Consultancies/Trainers want to
make money. I'd also state the assumption that if proposed to the
wider Perl community - Perl certification would go back into
argument state, so I suggest (with Dave Cross' blessing), that we
form the London.pm certification. NetThink and Iterative will 
sign up to teach to a given level of skills (or several levels).

This process _has_ to be open and should have a deadline. If we
can get something that helps london / south england and/or the UK
then we can achieve something. 

I'd advise getting some non-trainers involved as well, perhaps
Blackstar and other Perl businesses? (their hook will be that
they become partners and get logo placement in whatever pseudo
forum/organisation does this)

I realise this action and the attitude may not be popular on
the wider stage, but ho hum.

Thoughts? If Simon (NetThink), Piers/Leon (Iterative), Dave Cross 
(with his london.pm hat on) and a couple of companies that use
Perl say this is a good idea, i think we can do this.


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