On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Greg McCarroll wrote:
> * Matthew Byng-Maddick ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> > TIMTOWTDI kind of screws things up. Different people will code in
> > different styles. How can you evaluate this?
> it doesn't matter how they achieve most things, as long as they can
> do them ... reasonably

Fair. Where do you draw the line of "reasonably". This falls down to
personal preference.

> > > have a reasonable plan og how to achieve this _quickly_. I can
> > Please share this....
> it's too late tonight, i'll try and remember tommorow, the plan is more 
> how to get it organised and do all the dull procedural stuff quickly


> the actual content is up for debate, although i think levels of perl
> `skillz' would suck, i'd much rather see a ``core'' perl
> certification,

OK. Fair enough. This sounds reasonable.

> and slowly secondary skill certifications being developed and registered,
> however at launch, probably WWW and DBI spring to mind as two
> secondary ones that will be there from the word go - however they will be 
> focused quite tightly on their areas

Do you not think that in today's internet world, these mostly go together.
Interestingly, though, in training new people at my current company, I
discovered that they are quicker to learn Perl, and have much more of a
problem with the stateless nature of HTTP and the implications of dealing
with web browsers. That doesn't belong in a Perl certification. This is
kind of where it gets difficult, and why the mod_perl'ers appeared to
abandon it...

> > If I see a sensible plan for certification, this sounds sensible, but
> > consider what most people think of eg. MCSEs.
> > 
> > Please enlighten us.
> well hopefully when people get in tommorow they will either say yes or
> no, i'll get a plan of action out soon after that 

I'm curious to see what you come up with. The interesting bit is where you
draw the line...


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