Robin Szemeti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> I think it likely that the licence fee will go. It would be a popular
> move with the Great Unwashed. ( who seem happy to spend 400 quid a year
> on a Sky subscription ), so I can see the BBC being released from its
> licence fee. This would have huge knock-ons in the commercial TV world.
> The advertising cake is only so big, if the BBC suddenly started taking
> adverts then I doubt many of the commercial stations would appreciate the
> 50% drop in revenue. Assuming the BBC could decure 50% of the current TV
> advertising cake they would be significantly better off than they are
> now. 
> Personally I would rather pay a licence fee and have a (largely)
> independent public service broadcaster than yet another commercial
> station that can't say various things in case it upsets a major
> advertiser. YMMV

I'd be happy to pay a £400/year voluntary sub for a BBC with no
adverts during programs. I'd probably be prepared to put up with
adverts between programs a la FilmFour. But if they ever start running
ads on Radio 4 then they can whistle for my money.

But for that they're going to have to stop producing so much crap. I
want more stuff of the quality of Clocking Off and Walk On By, and
less of the vets in kitchens making your home look horrible cheap

Piers, who can't remember the last time he watched anything on ITV.

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