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> Don't be suprised if by then the abolishment of the licence fee hasn't been
> announced and that the BBC hasn't announced subscription charges for it's
> services. Better that than the Beeb starts carrying ads.

Politically the BBC has been lucky with its licence fee.  There was
some discussion about abolishing it in the early 1980s under Thatcher
but its been off the political agenda since then.  The election of
Labour must have been a relief for them.

As for the "Beeb" carrying ads, well it has done this for several
years on its web site which was setup with ICL

(this is the "Beeb" in the sense of "beeb Ventures Ltd", a subsidiary
of BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC.)  Of course few
outside the corporation itself realise that "Beeb" is actually the
brandname of a profit making company with online shopping.

The BBC proper of course actually carries adverts on television for
its own commercial products like "Radio Times" and even political
adverts supporting the way its financed ("its the unique way .. blah

But it doesn't carry adverts for anyone else.
> The BBC are definitely working towards the licence fee being withdrawn at some
> point by some government (hence all the curfuffle over ads on, so
> alternative forms of financing will need to be sort.

The BBC is pragmatic enough to realise that long-term the licence fee
will probably go.

It's the how and when that are interesting!

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