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> I read it as not wanting to fund the various commercial entities one
> ends up funding in order to actual get a digital box. The idea of
> putting any more money in the Murdoch empires coffers just for the
> sake of getting News 24 and BBC Choice certainly doesn't appeal.

ahh .. <re read> yes .. that would be another interpretation ...
but, again,  it certainly used to be the case and AFAIK it still is that
you can get ( it might be 3 quid or something $ trivial to cover the cost
of hte card) a BBC only card that is free on production of your TV
licence. I know Murdoch et al were not very keen on the idea and try and
tell you it 'cant be done' etc but ISTR the DTI telling em to just shut
up and do it.

Robin Szemeti

The box said "requires windows 95 or better"
So I installed Linux!

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