On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 04:44:25PM +0100, Jonathan Peterson wrote:
> We vote for the encumbent party until they screw up big time and then we
> switch and repeat the process.

Except we don't while they can arrange for elections to be when everyone's
forgotten about their big screwups. Also, in fact, most of the voters are too
oblivious to or closed-minded about or basically too damned stupid to
recognise their big screw-ups anyway. 

Besides, what do you call a big screw up? The Dome was a screw-up from start
to finish, but it hasn't made a scrap of difference. F&M was handled amazingly
badly, but that hasn't made any difference either. Nor has the Hindujas, or
Mandelson or Robinson. The NHS? Health of the nation not quite a big enough
screw-up? Or the schools?

Deciding who should govern us is far too important to be left to the plebs.

> There's no point judging the parties on what they say they'll do, only on
> what they did last time they were in power.

Right, yes, which is why we - sorry, you plural, I was way out of the country
at the time - elected Labour based on their fantastic performance last time
which lead to the General Strike and the Winter of Discontent. Sorry, a
nanosecond of thought would show that that is complete bullshit.

In related wibbling, I can see an opening for the four lusers of the
Apocalypse... "I didn't change anything", "My e-mail doesn't work",
"I can't print" and "Is the network broken?".
        - Paul Mc Auley

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