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>Right, yes, which is why we - sorry, you plural, I was way out of the country
>at the time - elected Labour based on their fantastic performance last time
>which lead to the General Strike and the Winter of Discontent. Sorry, a
>nanosecond of thought would show that that is complete bullshit.

Not so. Labour were voted in on the basis of the Tories screw ups. Like I said, we 
vote against the party that has most recently screwed up. Labour hasn't screwed up 
yet. The economy is pretty OK, house prices haven't crashed, unemployment is OK. This 
is what people vote on. No-one really cares about the dome. No-one cares about asylum 
seekers unless they live in Dover. No-one cares about building 500,000 houses unless 
they are going to be built right next to them. No-one even cares that much about crime 
unless they've been a victim of it during the last government. No-one cares about the 
NHS unless they or a relative have a serious illness.

Remember - Economy, property prices, unemployment. Get those right, avoid foreign wars 
(can be OK, but too risky), and you stay in power. Simple. It helps if you kiss babies 
and have charisma, but that's hardly a new thing.

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