On Tue, 22 May 2001, Chris Heathcote wrote:
> on 22/5/01 4:19 pm, Robin Szemeti wrote:
> > thank goodness for
> > proportioanl representation, it should make the next parliament a lot
> > more representative of what people actually want, ratehr than a choice
> > between 2 (and a half ) evils.
> Errr... no PR yet for general elections!

really .. are you sure ? .. I'm certain this lot said they were going
to do something about that ... how odd. Its almost as if they said they
would look at it .. got elected on a huge majority .. looked at it and
discovered they would have a much smaller majority under PR and said
'bollocks to that for a game of soldiers' and completely forgot about the
whole thing...

don't get me wrong the other lot would have done *exactly* the same thing
.. but since this lot know they stand an extremely good chance of a second
term they feel at liberty to ignore any pre election promises. 

Is that an oxy-moron .. politician and promise?

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